Excavation Services in Chattanooga, TN

From land clearing to foundations, demolition to erosion control, you can call on Branch for excavation services that exceed expectations.

Scroll down to view the range of services our excavators can provide in the Chattanooga area – and anywhere you need us to be. Have bulldozer, will travel.

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Excavation work Chattanooga


When you need rock or soil removed, we’ll get the job done. And, we’ll leave your construction site ready for the next contractor to roll in and begin work.

Branch Excavation Chattanooga

Erosion Control

In an area like ours, many properties are below the flood plain. We’ll help you build here by providing erosion control services to guard against water intrusion.

Excavator work Chattanooga


Out with the old, in with the new. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Get a quote today for help with pre-construction demolition or to raze an unwanted structure.

Excavator work Chattanooga TN

Land Clearing

Often the first step in a large development – or simply an extension of the usable space on a lot – our land clearing service is thorough and dependable.

Site development Chattanooga TN

Site Development

The work you do on your property prior to building sets you up for long-term success and enjoyment. Call on Branch Excavation for consistent site development.

Driveway installation Chattanooga


Foundation excavation needs to be quick … and also accurate. We excavate foundations and take steps to mitigate post-construction settling.

Commercial Site Development

Our Builders Count on Us for Consistency and Collaboration.

Your aggressive turnaround time demands an excavator who understands your needs and is proactive to prevent delays. When you get Branch, you get:

  • An excavator who works when it rains.
  • An excavator who goes beyond the brief if something is preventing us from moving forward right away.
  • An excavator who makes sure the next contractor can begin work without having to call us back to the site.

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