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Jedd Davis, the owner of Branch Excavation, has been an excavation professional from an early age. After moving very quickly from simple dirt work to foundations and waterproofing, with an aptitude for heavy equipment operation, he quickly gained the trust of his employer and developed skill.

But that’s not what sets Branch apart.

Jedd wants to use Branch as a ministry. Not in the typical “preach it and teach it” sense, but in the daily, grinding, work of excellence in order to bless his clients, employees, and the greater Chattanooga area, while stewarding the resources he has been given.

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Why We Work for Excellence

Excavation Work is About More than the Bottom Line.

We’re working for God’s glory. And we understand that everything that happens within the sphere of our influence is our fault – our responsibility. If we’re going to be a good excavation partner, we can’t beg off every time it rains or every time someone calls in sick. It’s our job to think ahead and make sure we have the resources necessary and have planned for all contingencies so that every job is finished the way it should be, when it should be.

Why Branch?

John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

If we’re successful and serve our partners well, it won’t be because Jedd Davis did it, but because God is in it. We are committed to stewarding the resources we’ve been given to be excellent in any way that we can.

We Provide

Superior Excavation Services ... Plus

We have a broad network of relationships so we can point you towards reputable contractors in other trades who provide anything that’s outside our scope of expertise. We don’t recommend unless we can vouch for the quality of work you’ll receive.

Core Values

The Words We Live By


Stuart D.


I’ve used Branch Excavation for several jobs and they’ve done a great job every time. Great communication and the company is led by a great man. Highly recommend and will continue to use this company!

David G.


Jedd and his crew do an excellent job at every project they do. I will continue to use them for all my dirt work and excavation needs!

Kenneth M.


Branch Excavation is the most professional crew in Chattanooga. I have worked with these guys on plenty of projects. Every time is an enjoyable experience. The crew is more like family than friends. They are always looking out for each. They can’t speak enough on safety. They will always leave your property looking better than before. Jedd Davis and his crew love to make homeowners smile. If you need any excavation work done, regardless if it’s small or big, Branch Excavation is the call you should make.

Preeminent Concrete Finishers


You guys really care about the clients. I highly recommend Jedd Davis and his Crew. Very professional group of guys. Did exactly what I needed. They made my project so much easier. The excavation and the haul away/removal of debris was swift. The cleanup process was like it was never a demo. That really made a difference when it came time for me to pour my concrete. Thank You, Branch Excavation!

Justin C.


After knowing Jedd and employing him for several years, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. He is hard-working and dedicated to excellence. His love for God and his family is his driving force. You will not be able to hire a better contractor!

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